”I want to invite my reader to play some kind of game together. If he agrees he will make some experiences that might make him richer on the inside. If what I have written is good it might even make him happy.“ Some of Michael Ende’s most beautiful plays are united in this volume and invite us on a journey through his poetic world – on a journey that shows a Michael Ende beyond his great master pieces. Whoever wants to rediscover the popular writer will find this a worthwhile read. In this book we meet again the kobold Goggolori, once again we go hunting for a Snark, we are enchanted by the pied piper or fooled by the spoilsports.

The following plays you will find in this anthology:
Der Goggolori (The Goggolori), Die Jagd nach dem Schlarg, (The Hunting of the Snark; Lewis Carroll, free rendering by Michael Ende), Die Jagd nach dem Schlarg (The Hunting for the Snark; libretto for a musical play for clowns), Die Spielverderber oder: Das Erbe der Narren (The spoilsports or: The Inheritance of Fools), Der Rattenfänger (The Pied Piper).