The Lantern from Paeonia

About the Play

The beautiful O-Tsúyu falls in love with Shinzabúro, a young samurai. So great is her love that she dies of a broken heart when they are separated. A few months later, however, astonished Shinzabúro has a visitor: O-Tsúyu.
His servant Tomozo recognises the decayed face where the loving young man sees nothing but the beautiful young woman. Slowly he manages to convince his master: his dead lover has come to get him … will Shinzabúro escape the fate that seems inevitable


  • First published in: 1998
  • Theatre rights:
    Verlag für Kindertheater
    Max-Brauer-Allee 34
    22765 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040 / 60 79 09 916
    Fax: 040 / 60 79 09 51
    Ansprechpartnerin für Aufführungsgenehmigungen: Juliane Lachenmayer

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Unpublished manuscript 1959, print version in: Der Niemandsgarten (Nobody’s Garden), pages 49-89.

Further Performances


Not yet adapted as a musical.

Puppet Theater

Not yet adapted for puppet theater.