Die Zauberschule und andere Geschichten (The School of Magic and other Stories)

Of course, every child is interested in school and everything related to it right? That's why the title story Die Zauberschule (The Magic School) tells us about how lessons are conducted in the Realm of Wishes, that land where wishing still helps. By the way, it's not that far away from our everyday world, but nevertheless quite difficult to reach. Most of the wizards of earlier times came from this country, and if you want to learn magic properly and professionally, it's no use, you have to go to a school. The twins Mug and Mali, at any rate, have a lot to learn before things work out to some extent.

Also contained: Der Teddy und die Tiere (The Teddy Bear and the Animals), Ophelias Schattentheater (Ophelia's Shadow Theatre), Das Traumfresserchen (The Dream Eater), Tranquilla Trampeltreu, die beharrliche Schildkröte (Tranquilla Trampletrue, the Persistent Tortoise) and Macht nichts (Never Mind). Six fantastic stories by Michael Ende, read by Wanja Mues and the author himself.


  • Audio download
  • Narrators: Wanja Mues, Michael Ende
  • Length: 136 min.
  • Year of publication: 2008
  • Publisher: Karusell