Rodrigo Raubein und Knirps, sein Knappe (Rodrigo Roughneck and Knirps, his Varlet)

Nowhere is it more boring than at home, thinks Knirps. So he runs away to apprentice with the notorious robber baron Rodrigo Roughneck. However, Rodrigos scary adventures are all a pack of lies, deep at heart the robber is a real coward. To avoid being discovered, he has to get rid of Knirps as quickly as possible and demands proof of the boy's courage! Full of zest for action, Knirps sets his sights on kidnapping Princess Flip, unaware that a much more powerful villain than he himself has it in for the princess.


  • Unabridged reading
  • Narrator: Christoph Maria Herbst
  • Length: 331 min.
  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Publisher: Silberfisch