Other Highpoints

On 3rd February 1985 Der Goggolori was premiered at Munich’s Gärtnerplatz theatre. The production was directed by Friedrich Meyer-Oertel and won the admiration of theatre-goers and critics alike. The theatre had commissioned Ende and Hiller to write the stage version of the work, and the working partnership between author and composer had been filmed for Bavarian TV. Der Goggolori won the 1985 tz-Rose award and went on to become one of the most performed German operas of the post-1945 era.
In February 1985 Michael Ende and Joseph Beuys were brought together in a podium discussion organized by Achberg Educational Institute. The discussion was conducted over an entire weekend and included some controversial debates. It was subsequently screened to over a thousand people in the auditorium of the Waldorf school in Wangen. A transcript of the discussion was published under the title Kunst und Politik (‘Art and Politics’).