On 12th November 1995 a memorial service was held in Munich’s State Theatre in honour of Michael Ende. Those contributing to the ceremony included Angelo Brandaurdi, August Everding, Heinz Friedrich, Heino Hallhuber, Wilfried Hiller, Herbert Rosendorfer and many other friends, writers, artists, musicians and actors with whom Michael Ende had worked. In 1996 the Kurt Lasswitz Prize for best short-story of 1995 was posthumously awarded to Michael Ende for Der lange Weg nach Santa Cruz (‘The Long Journey to Santa Cruz’).
A retrospective exhibition, Michael Ende und seine phantastische Welt (‘Michael Ende and his Visionary World’), opened at the House of Literature in Munich on 19th June 1997 and ran until 21st September 1997. During that time a Michael Ende museum was established in the International Children’s Book Library at Schloss Blutenberg, Munich.