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Michael Ende‘s books, thought up as fables against the spirit of the times, hit the nerve of that same spirit of the times so perfectly that they appeared as wondrous embodiments of it.
Obituary by Adolf Muschg in 'Die Weltwoche'

Disguised as children’s books, they undermined the hustled, worn out brains of adults most of all. (…) Together with us he returned to the sunken chambers of time, in order to find the treasure of our longings and our imagination.
Obituary in 'Frankfurter Neue Presse'

Michael Ende is one of the few writers who have managed with apparently playful ease to make the unfortunate border between children’s literature and adult literature vanish. He persuaded us with his quality and with the power of imagination – just as fairytales are universal parts of our culture, without being stamped “children’s literature”.
Obituary in 'Der Tagesspiegel'

Michael Ende had a dream (...); from those unreal countries of art and imagination he wanted to save something and relocate it into real life. Not to blend it, but to enrich it. A tiny bit of lavish growth for the tidy plant beds of civilisation.
Obituary in 'Frankfurter Rundschau'

What a wealth of interwoven plot ideas, what a cosmos of fantastic creatures, cities and countries!
'Süddeutsche Zeitung' about The Neverending Story