Das große Michael Ende Lesebuch (The Big Michael Ende Reader)

This Michael Ende Reader collects the most beautiful treasures of the author’s work. Here, the whole cosmos of one of the most popular and successful writers of the post war period is once more spread out. This book allows unique insights into the world of his thoughts and makes it possible to look over the shoulder of the famous storyteller. Enriched with so far unpublished texts from “The Neverending Story” this gift book is a delicacy for fans.

The Anthology contains the following stories, fragments and poems:
Twenty-four Questions by Michael Ende to the Kind Reader; Bastian Learns the Art of Magic (unpublished chapter from “The Neverending Story”); The Hallway of Borromeo Colmi, The Sorcerer’s War; Tranquilla Trampeltrue; It is a Room and also a Desert; Warning to all Sorcerer’s Apprentices; The Tower of Shadows; Metamorphoses; Ophelia’s Shadow Theatre; The Bridge that we Build since Centuries; The Tower of Babylon;, Filemon Foldrich; Archaeology of Darkness; Across the Wide, Grey Surface; Beneath a Black Sky; Searching for the Mystery; The Wise Fool; What Shows a Mirror Mirroring a Mirror; Tonight the Old Sailor Comes; Luckdragon; Addicted to Strangeness; Yor, the Blind Miner; From the Records of Max Muto, the Dream World Traveller; House of Change, Momo Goes where Time comes from; The Paper Tragedy; The Calculation is Wrong and still Adds up; The Mumpf; Mamonella, What Shall we Do; Flea Market of Dreams; Reasons Not to Extinguish a Starting Fire; Dance of the Dead; A Son, under the Knowledgeable Instruction of his Father …; A Very Short Tale; Language of Trees; The Small People; Moany Parker and Nosy-Kissy; Spell to Find Something Lost; A Memorial for Nonsense; Gnomes Reading Papers; Ballad of the Heroic Dead of a German Officer; Grandma sits in the Chinese Garden and Cries; Whatever You Will Experience; The Lady with the Marionette; About Eternal Childishness; The True Apple; Letter to a World Explainer; Letter to a Shocked Reader; The Lady Pushed the Black Curtain; You Think What You Don’t Know Should Not Be Valid?; Momo and the Old Toys; Ballad of the Tightrope Dancer Felix Fliegenbeil; Just That What Makes Mankind so Immensely Precious …; Versus the Devastation of the Inner World; Jim and Luke invent the Perpetumobil; Whoever is Stopped from Dreaming for Quite Some Time; Graógramán, the Colourful Death; The Lost Smile; It Isn’t the Argument; End of the Show. (With an epilogue by Uwe Neumahr: Pagat or the Artist in the Fun Fair’s Stall)

Original Edition

  • Edited by: Andrea und Roman Hocke
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 352
  • Year of publication: 2004
  • Publisher: Piper