Das Gefängnis der Freiheit (The Prison of Freedom – single edition)


Michael Ende, the grand master of fantastic literature, tells the enigmatic story of a blind beggar who has to report on his life to a caliph: When he fell into the power of Iblís, the Islamic devil, he found himself in a domed room – the only place beyond Allah's will, as a mysterious voice explained to him. The beggar's only way out: he must choose one of the room's dozens of doors, but without knowing what is hidden behind it ...

Originally published in the volume The Prison of Freedom, this story is now also available as a single edition.

Original Edition

Das Gefängnis der Freiheit (The Prison of Freedom):

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 256
  • Year of publication: 1992
  • Publisher: Weitbrecht
  • Translations:
    Chinese, Czech, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish

Single edition:

  • E-Book, hockebooks 2014.

Current Editions

  • Das Gefängnis der Freiheit. Erzählung (single edition)
    E-Book, hockebooks 2014.