Die Archäologie der Dunkelheit (The Archeology of Darkness)

Gespräche über Kunst und das Werk des Malers Edgar Ende (Debates about Art and the Work of the Painter Edgar Ende)

Hardly anyone knows that Michael Ende is the son of the surrealistic painter Edgar Ende, an artist that was condemned as “degenerate” by the Nazis. Michael Ende and Jörg Krichbaum talk about art and work of Edgar Endes, one of the most important German painters of the 20th century. How are the visionary paintings of the father connected to the fantastic magic world of the son, for example in “The Neverending Story”? Can we find traces of what fascinates readers all over the world and even Hollywood already in the forgotten work of this artist who was persecuted by the Nazis?

Original Edition

  • Co-Author: Jörg Krichbaum
  • Format: Taschenbuch
  • Pages: 176
  • Year of publication: 1985
  • Publisher: Weitbrecht

Current Editions

  • Die Archäologie der Dunkelheit
    Paperback, 164 pages, hockebooks 2021.
  • Die Archäologie der Dunkelheit
    E-Book, hockebooks 2014.

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