Der Goggolori (The Goggolori)

Eine bairische Mär. Stück in acht Bildern und einem Epilog
(A Bavarian Tale. Play in eight scenes with an epilogue)

Farmer Irwing makes a pact with the goblin Goggolori: The mighty nature spirit is supposed to give him plenty of everything. In return the farmer promises to give him the first part of it all: Harvest, livestock – and happiness. When the goblin asks for Irwing’s daughter Zeipoth as his tribute the farmer refuses. His wife asks the healer Ullerin who has allies among the dark powers for help. A destructive battle of magic powers is about to start: Set against the background of the Thirty Years’ War, black and white magic as well as Christendom fight for his soul. In the end it is down to Zeipoth to rescue the Goggolori – but what will it cost her?
Since it was first published in 1984 Michael Ende’s story about the pact with the Goggolori is one of the most performed German sung operas of the post war period.

Original Edition

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 160
  • Year of publication: 1984
  • Publisher: Weitbrecht
  • Translations:
    Japanese, Spanish


Current Editions

  • Der Goggolori. Eine bairische Mär
    Paperback, 168 pages, hockebooks 2020.
  • Der Goggolori. Eine bairische Mär
    E-Book, hockebooks 2017.