Lirum Larum Willi Warum (Lirum Larum, Willi Why)

Why? That is Willi’s favourite word. Why has Uncle Eduard such a long white beard? Why does he want to comb it? Why has the sorceress that gave him the comb made herself vanish? And why has Uncle Eduard no ties?
A funny nonsense story for children that have just discovered an important word – and for everybody who would like to rediscover it.

Original Edition

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 36
  • Illustrations: Roswitha Quadflieg
  • Year of publication: 1978
  • Publisher: Thienemann
  • Translations:
    Norwegian, Portuguese

Current Editions

  • Lirum Larum Willi Warum
    Hardcover, 32 pages, illustrated by Bernhard Oberdieck, Thienemann 1995.