Michael Ende und seine phantastische Welt (Michael Ende and his Fantastic World)

For children as well as for adults all over the world, the characters from Michael Ende’s books have become companions on their own dream journeys into Phantásia. For Michael Ende these dream journeys meant more than a temporary escape from our daily routine. According to Romantic convictions, he was convinced that whatever we take home from Phantásia is able to change the world.
This book was written in co-operation with the Stiftung Literaturhaus München, for the exhibition “Michael Ende und seine phantastische Welt” (Michael Ende and his Fantastic World) from 19 June to 21 September 1997.

Original Edition

  • Authors: Roman Hocke, Thomas Kraft
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 160
  • Year of publication: 1997
  • Publisher: Weitbrecht