The Neverending Story – The Phantásia Encyclopedia

This is what fans have long waited for: At last „Die unendliche Geschichte. Das Phantásien-Lexikon“ (The Neverending Story – The Phantásia Encyclopedia) by Roman and Patrick Hocke, illustrated by Claudia Seeger, was published by Thienemann Verlag.
This book unites all the creatures and landscapes of the neverending story as well as the sources Michael Ende was using. In their reading and researching Roman and Patrick Hocke have approached Michael Ende’s world, they have searched archives and collected several original quotations. They invite us on a journey, to meet old friends and yet unknown creatures, to visit beautiful and eerie places. But how do you find your way in a land without borders? Well, with a book that you can read not only front to back, but also crosswise or the wrong way round – just as it is custom to travel in Phantásia.