Der Niemandsgarten (Nobody’s Garden)

Selected and edited from the estate by Roman Hocke

Nobody’s Garden shows Michael Ende’s poetic world in all its facets. The result is a reader full of poetry and imagination, a book to bury oneself in, to dream and to think, a book that will once again spirit us away and into the realm of the “dragon gilder” Michael Ende. This book offers a collection of unpublished works: Stories and poems, poetic projects and ideas, sketches and drafts, unfinished novels and poetic fragments that were on the author’s mind up to the very end. Even unpublished drawings by Michael Ende are shown here for the first time.

The anthology contains the following stories and fragments:
Rodrigo Raubein, the Robber Baron and Knirps, his Squire, Children and Reading; How the Illustrations to “Momo” Came into Being; Gigi’s Song of Praise for “Momo”; Letter to E.C.; The Lost Person; The Lantern from Paeonia; Melody of Hearts; For Ingeborg; The Dosshouse, The Others, The Unicorn, God’s Existence; The Hidden Parable; The Turning of the Lights; My Aunt Agathe; Wuschel Walks up the Walls; The Mysterious Secretary; Children, Let’s Make Nonsense; Children’s Story; In the Land Mala-Sule; What the Great Sorcerer Mirakandra’s Child has in His Toy Box; Four Riddles from the Vernacular; The Yes-Man; As he Could Nowhere Find the Master; A Madman; Charles the Sixth; Seven Old Biddies; Shlamoofs; Variations; Exact Imagination; Nobody’s Garden; Versus the Devastation of the Inner World; Poem in the Window; Shoes; The Picture of Happiness; The Two Brothers (The Ending); Legend about the Justice of Life; The Pushy Ones; Culture and Democracy; My Life’s Strange Significance; Little Hunchback; Letter to Mister N.; About the Subject of Innocence; Good Advice; Junk and Clunk; The Daughter of Azur and the Pilot; By Night in an Architect’s Office; How “Momo” and “The Neverending Story” came into Being; , What Shows a Mirror Mirroring a Mirror? Attempt to Understand Myself; Solution to the Riddles; Glance into the Workshop.

Original Edition

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 336
  • Year of publication: 1998
  • Publisher: Weitbrecht
  • Translations: Japanese

Current Editions

  • Der Niemandsgarten. Anthologie
    Paperback, 312 pages, hockebooks 2020.
  • Der Niemandsgarten. Anthologie
    E-Book, hockebooks 2020.