Das Schnurpsenbuch (The Nonsense Book)

Don’t we all feel from time to time a bit “schnurpsy”? To be schnurpsy is not a question of age, there are big schnurpses as well as tiny ones, philosophical and naïve ones, arrogant and modest ones. As manifold as the world of the schnurpses is this book: It contains poems, senseless and meaningful at the same time, profound, funny and nonsensical verses, riddles and stories.

Original Edition

  • Format: Hardcover:
  • Pages: 124
  • Illustrations: Siegfried Wagner
  • Year of publication: 1969
  • Publisher: Thienemann
  • Translations:
    Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Current Editions

  • Das Schnurpsenbuch
    Hardcover, 144 pages, illustrated by Maja Bohn, Thienemann 2016.