The World of Michael Ende

Stories and Thoughts about Freedom, Imagination and Humanity.

For Michael Ende’s 80th Birthday

For everybody who wants to emerge themselves once more in style into the full range of Michael Ende’s work. This audio book collects his most popular stories as well as some that are not so well known and in interviews and radio features we are able to listen to Michael Ende himself. If it was about imagination, freedom or art, with Michael Ende one thing was always guaranteed: Entertainment and depth. His stories are relevant up to this day.

Containing: Questions for Listeners · The Bridge · To all Sorcerers’ Apprentices · Versus the Devastation of the Inner World · The Flea Market of Dreams · The Ballad of the Tightrope Walker Fliegenbein · End of the Show.

Speakers: Romanus Fuhrmann, Markus Hoffmann, Henriette Hübschmann, Nadja Schulz-Berlinghoff and others.
2 CDs, 152 Minutes.