Momo, a little shaggy girl, lives on the outskirts of a big city in the ruins of an amphitheatre. She has nothing but what she finds or what is given to her, and an extraordinary gift: she listens to people and gives them time. But one day, the ghostly army of the grey lords invades the city. They are after the precious time of people's lives and Momo is the only one who can still put a stop to the dark power of the time thieves ...

The 1986 film adaptation took the hearts of fans by storm and has long since become a classic.


  • Country: Germany/Italy, 1986
  • Produced by: Rialto Film (Berlin), Iduna Film (München), Cinecittà (Rom), Sacis (Rom)
  • Directed by: Johannes Schaaf
  • Cast: Radost Bokel, Mario Adorf, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Sylvester Groth, John Huston and others
  • Length: 104 min.

Press Reviews

"I am glad that Johannes Schaaf has preserved the poetic message of 'Momo'."

Michael Ende


Other Adaptations

  • Momo
    Animated film based on the novel by Michael Ende, Italy 2001. Directed by Enzo d'Alò.
  • Momo
    Animated series based on the 2001 animated film, Germany 2003. Directed by Colum Burke.