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In the Munich castle Blutenburg we find a small, very attractive museum dedicated to Michael Ende, established by the Deutsche Jugendbuchbibliothek (German Library for Young Readers). Unfortunately it is not known well enough. Who wants to know more about the museum can find additional information in this article:
Article: Michael Ende-Museum in Munich

The academic conference "Michael Ende Intermedial", which will be held from 21 to 23 January 2011 in the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf , is dedicated to the adaptations of Michael Ende’s literary work in media such as (puppet) theatre play, film, children’s opera, radio play and audio book.

Roswitha Quadflieg has given Michael Ende’s novel "Die unendliche Geschichte" (The Neverending Story) its two-coloured form and painted the vignettes. Originally, she studied painting, illustration, graphics and typography and then worked as a freelanced artist before becoming a successful writer. In the Badische Zeitung from 28 September 2010 more information about the writer can be found.
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An interesting discovery on the Internet, even though the essay is from 2009: The writer Marin Beyer has published an interesting essay about Michael Ende’s realm of imagination, called Phantásia is no trap. More than worth reading! Please read under:

The Goethe Institut has commissioned a worldwide research study to find the most popular books in the German language. The result: "Die unendliche Geschichte" (The Neverending Story) gained a proud first place, while the fairytale novel "Momo" reached place 6. Those who want to know more about the rankings can find them on the following link:…

In the Badische Zeitung from 28 August 2010, we find an interesting and beautifully illustrated article about the illustrator of "Jim Button": Franz Josef Tripp. He is the one we have to thank for Jim Button, Luke and all the other Lummerland characters not only forming a story but also showing us their expressive faces. Jan Peter Tripp, the son of the illustrator, who went his own way as an artist, sees himself as a brother of Jim Button. For the 50th birthday of the cult book he shows us his true colours. Please read in:

Happy welcome to the new version of! On the occasion of Jim Button’s 50th birthday we have decided to give our website a complete new design, entirely dedicated to Jim Button. We hope you like it as much as we do, and wish you a lot of fun while taking a stroll through the worlds of Michael Ende, Jim Button, Momo, Bastian & Atreyu and all the others :)

It is 50 years to this day since Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver was first published – a reason to celebrate!
Back then, ten publishers refused the manuscript. Shortly afterwards, Michael Ende’s Jim Button had turned into a cult book loved by children and adults up to this day. “Happy Birthday, Jim Button!” says also the press. Here you can find some interesting links:

The journalist Sven Preger has been awarded with the Axel-Springer-Award for his portrait of Michael Ende in ZeitZeichen. The jury gave praise not only to the journalistic quality of the feature but also to its credibility: Michael Ende’s life, it says, is portrayed with all its ups and downs. Ende’s friends, colleagues, neighbours get to have their say and offer us an authentic picture of him. Just as Ende’s books, the feature touches existential questions, such as happiness, longing and imagination.

Michael Ende's Momo as a book trailer. The unusual bachelor thesis is the subject of visual communication is the work of Heidi Tappe from Basel. We like it – and what about you?