Das Traum­fresserchen und Das kleine Lumpen­kasperle (The Dream Eater and The Little Rag Puppet)

Two radioplays for children 3 years and older, with Uwe Friedrichsen, Ilja Richter and Klaus Manchen.

Das Traumfresserchen (The Dream Eater): Being afraid of bad dreams and not being able to fall asleep is already bad for big people. It's even worse for little ones. But it's worst of all if you're the little princess of Slumberland. Only one person can help her the dream eater!   

Das kleine Lumpenkasperle (The Little Rag Puppet): The little ragamuffin could use some help, too: Without further ado, he is sorted out by his playmate, a little boy. Thus begins an adventurous journey for the little rag puppet, which in the end leads him in a wonderful way back to his friend, who has already sorely missed him.


  • Radioplay, produced by MDR
  • Narrators: Uwe Friedrichsen, Ilja Richter, Klaus Manchen and others
  • Length: 37 min.
  • Year of publication: 2006
  • Publisher: DerAudioVerlag

Other Editions

  • Das Traumfresserchen und Das kleine Lumpenkasperle
    A radioplay produced by MDR with music by Franz Bartzsch, read by Uwe Friedrichsen, Ilja Richter and others, 37 min., Silberfisch 2018.
    Bonus track: Das Traumfresserchenlied (The Dream Eater's Song).