Momo lives outside a big city, within the ruins of an amphitheatre. She owns nothing but what she finds or receives as a present but she has an extraordinary gift: She is a wonderful listener. One day, however, the grey gentlemen enter the stage. They are after the precious lifetime of people – and Momo is the only one able to stop them. The unkempt little heroine has nothing but a flower in her hand and a tortoise tucked under her arm to fight the vast army of the “grey gentlemen”.
„What an opportunity to make music!”, enthused Mark Lothar, the composer of the opera version of “Momo”. The premiere of “Momo and the Time Thieves” was very successful. In the Stadttheater Bremerhaven a new production of the play was performed in spring 1986.

Picture of the performance on the left: Copyright © Düsseldorfer Marionetten-Theater

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  • First published in: 1998
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  • Opera: 
    Momo. Musiktheater in 18 Bildern (Momo. Musical in 18 Scenes)
    by Wilfried Hiller and Wolfgang Adenberg, after Michael Ende's novel by the same title, commissioned by the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, premiere: 16 December 2018.
  • Opera:
    Momo und die Zeitdiebe (Momo and the Time Thieves)
    Opera by Mark Lothar based on a libretto by Michael Ende: 19 November 1978, Landestheater Coburg. Director: Robert Hoyem, Conductor: Reinhard Petersen.

Further Performances

  • Momo
    Play by Vita Huber. Städtische Bühnen Münster, 21 October 1981. Director: Herbert Müller.
  • Puppet theatre:
    Düsseldorfer Marionettentheater, premiere: 10 October 2002.
  • Individual dramatisations of each of the theatres.