The Pied Piper

A medieval legend tells us about the strange flute player who came to the town of Hamelin to free her of a plague of rats. When he was cheated and did not receive the agreed price, he took revenge and after the rats he lured also the children out of the town with his magic flute. But who was the mysterious pied piper of Hamelin really? A sorcerer, a ghost, a fool? Where did he come from, where did he bring the children? Michael Ende tells us the legend of the mysterious stranger anew and finds a surprising answer to all of these questions.

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  • First published in: 1993
  • Theatre rights:
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Theaterhaus Dortmund, 26 September 1993. Music: Wilfried Hiller, based on the libretto: Michael Ende. Mit Giora Feidman, Martha Mödl, Zelotes Edmund Toliver. Philharmonic Orchestra Dortmund. Conductor: Laurent Wagner. Director: Heinz Luk