Tranquilla Trampletrue

A great party is to be expected in the realm of the animals: Sultan Leo the Twenty-eighth invites everybody to his wedding on the blooming meadow. Tortoise Tranquilla Trampletrue sets off as well on the long and exhausting journey. But how should she arrive in time for the party? All animals laugh about her. Tranquilla, however, is sure: She will make it.
She walks slowly, for months and years, step by step. And finally Tranquilla Trampletrue arrives at the blooming meadow. Everything is lavishly decorated, as indeed a wedding will be celebrated here. Well, it is the wedding of Leo the Twenty-ninth – but does that really matter after all?
Norbert Nackendick (Norbert Fatnoggin), Der Lindwurm und der Schmetterling (The Lindworm and the Butterfly), Filemon Foldrich and Tranquilla Trampletrue were all set in music by composer Wilfried Hiller as “Vier musikalische Fabeln” (Four Musical Fables). The libretti were written by Michael Ende

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  • First published in: 1972
  • Theatre rights:
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  • Tranquilla Trampeltreu, die beharrliche Schildkröte
    Musical play for children. Theater am Faden in the Munich City Museum. 9 July 1981, Music: Wilfried Hiller based on a libretto by Michael Ende. Director: Elisabeth Woska.