The Mirror in the Mirror

About the Play

Two readers may read the same book, but they will still never read the same. Each of them will add themselves to the book. Therefore, a book is a mirror, mirroring the reader. But in the same way the reader is a mirror for the book. So what does a mirror show us when it is mirroring a mirror? Michael Ende’s literary cabinet of mirrors takes us into a maze of thoughts and images. Harmless and funny, surreal and scary stories surround us, just like the distorted and the natural pictures in a mirror’s cabinet. Only those who can muster the courage to face the surreal, will Michael Ende release out of his magic maze back into the open.


  • First published in: 1983
  • Theatre rights:
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    22765 Hamburg
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    Ansprechpartnerin für Aufführungsgenehmigungen: Juliane Lachenmayer

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Stage version by Musiktheater Hessel & Post. Dresden 1999.

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Not yet adapted as a musical.

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