The Neverending Story

About the Play

A mysterious book fascinates young Bastian: The Neverending Story. Full of enthusiasm, he takes part in the adventures of its hero Atreyu and in his dangerous mission: He is supposed to save the dreamland Phantásia and its sovereign the Childlike Empress. Soon, however, Bastian must realise that he is more than an uninvolved spectator. And then he finds himself suddenly in Phantásia …
Michael Ende’s masterpiece has been adapted for the stage again and again. “Now I know what my Neverending Story should sound like”, the author is supposed to have said, when listening to a rehearsal of the opera by Siegfried Matthus. At long last, this opera with its libretto by Anton Perrey had its premiere ten years after Michael Ende’s death.


  • First published in: 1972
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Berliner Kammerspiele, 10 Octobre1984, Director: Harald K.Reinke.

Further Performances

  • Vereinigte Städtische Bühnen Krefeld, 1998.
  • Opera:
    Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story)
    With music by Siegfried Matthus based on a libretto by Anton Perrey. Premiere (simultaneously): National Theatre Weimar and Theatre Trier, 10 April 2004.


    • Sound Carrier:
      Das Land Phantásien (The Realm Phantásia)
      An orchestral fantasy based on Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story) by Michael Ende.
    • By Siegfried Matthus. Narrator: Michael Heltau. Bruckner Orchester Linz. [Dir.:] Ingo Ingensand. Edel 2001

    Puppet Theater

    Not yet adapted for puppet theater.