The Nonsense Book

About the Play

Don’t we all feel from time to time a bit “schnurpsy”? To be schnurpsy is not a question of age, there are big schnurpses as well as tiny ones, philosophical and naïve ones, arrogant and modest ones. As manifold as the world of the schnurpses is this book: It contains poems, senseless and meaningful at the same time, profound, funny and nonsensical verses, riddles and stories. And that makes it so suitable to be turned into a song cycle and be put on stage.


  • First published in: 1969
  • Theatre rights:
    Verlag für Kindertheater
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    22765 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040 / 60 79 09 916
    Fax: 040 / 60 79 09 51
    Ansprechpartnerin für Aufführungsgenehmigungen: Juliane Lachenmayer

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Further Performances


  • Windstill – Die Schnurpsenlieder (Windless – Songs of the Schnurpses)
    Songs and music based on Michael Ende’s Children’s Poems Das Schnurpsenbuch (The Nonsense Book). CD by Christian Geissendörfer with lyrics by Michael Ende, 2001. With bonus songs from Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story): Song „Hundert Jahre“ (Hundred Years) (about the House of Change) and reprise „Vom Wasser des Lebens“ (Water of Life).
    For little Schnurpses, but for grown ones as well, as long as they like guitar music in the singer/songwriter way.

Puppet Theater

Not yet adapted for puppet theater.