Tranquilla Trampeltreu und weitere Fabeln (Tranquilla Trampletrue and other Fables)

Tranquilla Trampletrue, The Lindworm and the Butterfly, Norbert Fatnoggin

Sultan Leo the Twenty-eighth invites to his wedding and the tortoise Tranquilla Trampeltreu is desperate to be there. Nobody trusts her to make it on time. But Tranquilla succeeds  albeit differently than expected. In another story, the lindworm and the butterfly, both unhappy with their name, find a good solution to their problem. And in the third fable, rhinoceros Norbert Nackendick has to realise that even a powerful ruler is not immune to loneliness.

Contains: Tranquilla Trampeltreu (Tranquilla Trampletrue), Der Lindwurm und der Schmetterling (The Lindworm and the Butterfly) and Norbert Nackendick (Norbert Fatnoggin).


  • Abridged Unabridged reading
  • Narrator: Otto Mellies
  • Length: 53 min.
  • Year of publication: 2022
  • Publisher: Silberfisch