Die musikalischen Fabeln (The Musical Fables)

Filemon Foldrich, The Lindworm and the Butterfly, Norbert Fatnoggin, Tranquilla Trampletrue

Originally, Michael Ende was not a great friend of the opera, but Wilfried Hiller won him over with his adaptations of Ende's picture books and even succeeded in getting the author himself to act as narrator. The result are four unique animal parables to listen to, in which everyone can discover a piece of truth for themselves. A unique musical production!

Contains: Filemon Faltenreich (Filemon Foldrich), Der Lindwurm und der Schmetterling (The Lindworm and the Butterfly), Norbert Nackendick (Norbert Fatnoggin) and Tranquilla Trampeltreu (Tranquilla Trampletrue).


  • Narrator: Michael Ende
  • Music: Wilfried Hiller
  • Length: 145 min.
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • Publisher: Silberfisch