Der Teddy und die Tiere und andere Geschichten (The Teddy Bear and the Animals and other Stories)

The Teddy Bear and the Animals; Lirum Larum, Willi Why; The School for Louts

Three lovely radioplay adaptations of Ende's picture book stories:

Der Teddy und die Tiere (The Teddy Bear and the Animals): Washable is a really nice teddy, just a bit scraped off and already quite old. When the cheeky fly asks him what he was actually born for, he doesn't know the answer. Maybe the other animals can help him?

Lirum Larum Willi Warum (Lirum Larum, Willi Why): Why? That is Willi’s favourite word. Why has Uncle Eduard such a long white beard? Why does he want to comb it? Why has the sorceress that gave him the comb made herself vanish? And why has Uncle Eduard no ties? A funny nonsense story for children that have just discovered an important word – and for everybody who would like to rediscover it.

Die Rüpelschule (The School for Louts): If you are well-behaved, you have to repeat the year! In the school for louts, the world is turned upside down. Here, good marks are awarded for shouting and raving, smacking, being dirty and untidy. The teacher is only satisfied when his pupils really get on his nerves. All children who are not allowed to go to the school for louts will be delighted with this original "etiquette book"!


  • Gesprochen von: Wolfgang Völz, Max Urlacher, Klaus Manchen, Hilmar Eichhorn u. v. a.
  • Laufzeit: 36 Min.
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2017
  • Verlag: Silberfisch